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And so it begins…..

When I was first diagnosed with ADHD, I was 31 years old. When I got the test results, I felt relieved.

Then, I felt cheated.

Why, you ask?  All of those years I spent feeling stupid, and inadequate because I couldn’t remember anything from one minute to the next. This was especially true when it came to school. This was a time when ADHD testing didn’t exist. I could never figure out how all of the “smart kids” finished their work so quickly and easily. Why was I always the last one finished, IF I finished at all. This puzzled me so.  I understood the work. I knew how to do it.  I just, for lack of a better term, couldn’t. I felt, lazy, crazy, and stupid. I could never understand why my teachers would always check the “puts forth best effort” as the area I needed improvement on. It upset me, because, in my mind I was putting forth my best effort, and didn’t understand why they didn’t see it. I always felt out of my league.


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